Buffalo Physician Philanthropist, Dr. Greg Daniel, Adopts Child From Central African Republic

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NBC Nightly News recently featured our Dr. Greg Daniel on their program for a segment described as “a beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional story.” The segment was concerned the adoption of a young African girl named Chikena. Dr. Greg Daniel used his significant means to bless Chikena with a fresh start after experiencing utter despair.

Conflicts in the Central African Republic between their government and the rouge Séléka rebel coalition has caused utter turmoil for scores of innocent people. The genocide claimed the lives of 8-year-old Chikena’s entire family, including her mother and father. “I lifted my hands to God, but they didn’t hear me,” Chikena recounted tearfully. “They took away my dad and mother and killed them.”

Dr. Greg Daniel, a physician entrepreneur and philanthropist, saw a report on NBC in which Chikena was featured while she lived in a monastery. “It literally brought tears to my eyes,” expressed Dr. Daniel, who practices philanthropy through the 501(c) 3 he established called Nyamekye Foundation. He took it upon himself to lift Chikena out of the tough situation she was living in with the lingering thought, “In life we see a lot of terrible things, but how often do we actually act upon it?”

After a year of planning, two trips to Africa, overcoming obstacles and prayer, Dr. Greg Daniel successfully adopted Chikena, bringing her to live in his state of the art Western New York home where she has her own room. With her new life, Chikena enjoys going to school, taking selfies and listening to Lady Gaga.

View NBC Nightly News’ feature here.